Day 1: Dedicating Time (Being Connected)


Day 1: Dedicating Time

Welcome to the start of being a connected leader and learner!  Together, we will build our PLN (Professional Learning Network). Click on the OSSEMOOC link above for 10 mins of learning and then read my reflection and share your own below. 

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“You can learn anything” – mindset has a lot to do with our success and failures.  We often talk about the difference between Growth Mindset (Carol Dweck) and Fixed Mindset – what is your mindset with regards to learning with technology and connecting?  I know I sometimes struggle with wanting to share what I think, and worrying about it not being valuable  or polished enough, and hesitating in exposing my ideas for fear that others will see the “real me”.  I see other educators who seem to have it all together and have all these amazing ideas and great thoughts – and I look up to them, and wonder how do I ever get there?

Thinking about “Learning to Change: Changing to Learn”, the idea that school is only one of the places that students learn makes me really rethink what we do everyday, and how we can connect students to those opportunities outside of school (while still inside school) to give them authentic, global learning experiences that create innovative, global citizens.  In getting to this place with our students, we need to learn with them, and being connected is one way to learn together, with and from each other.

Over the next 30 days or so, we will connect (thanks to @fryed for helping to spread the learning through OSSEMOOC) and learn together.  Do it at your own pace, and don’t feel guilty if you find yourself too busy at times. Work at your own pace, but know we are all doing it together.

“Alone we can do so little, Together we can do so much”

What are your thoughts and challenges on “Becoming a Connected Learner”?


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Principal ~ Digital Learner ~ wife of @hollywoodfilane ~ mother of 4 boys ~ life long learner ~ food fanatic ~ #LWT
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12 Responses to Day 1: Dedicating Time (Being Connected)

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  2. Joy says:

    I am a late joiner so my apologies for that. I love that this provides me the opportunity to learn by doing. Thank you so much Kim and all the other risk taking educators who are modeling an open to learning stance that provides me with an opportunity to engage in the learning too


    • Kim Figliomeni says:

      Welcome Joy – there is no late; anytime we can learn together is the right time. There are so many educators modeling an open to learning stance and I am so glad we can connect. I always love learning with you and look forward to the sharing.


  3. John says:

    That was a great 10 mins…you can learn anything however being assessed on your knowledge can inhibit how much you learn (the depth and breadth) .

    IT has emerged and the environment is ever-changing – who is it leaving behind? What is our responsibility to bring those folks along. The idea of globalization opens the gate the the vast garden on the other side. We can communicate with someone around the world just as easily as someone down the street. How much can we grow is limited by our desire to enquire.

    Interesting that the term “students engaging teachers” was used…that’s a shift in mindset…


    • Kim Figliomeni says:

      The idea that people are being left behind is an interesting one because that is almost the divide we see – either people are “tech savy” or they are not. How do we learn together and bring people along so there is not such a divide. “Students engaging teachers” is definitely a shift in mindset and something that is also causing a bit of a challenge as some teachers want to be engaged by students, but some aren’t sure how to do that. This idea of connecting together and learning together is so important to me because “alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much” – thanks John


  4. Sharla says:

    A great reminder of how we can know longer use the ‘when will I find the time’ excuse. Ten minutes a day of new learning and reflecting is minimal compared to what we ask of our students every day. I love this quote, ‘Plan to be better tomorrow than today, but don’t plan to be finished’. Carol Ann Tomlinson.
    The 2nd video made me reflect on how much the world has changed for learning, creativity and innovation in just the past few years. Yet, it seems to be taking longer to make the change within most classrooms, schools and boards.


    • Kim Figliomeni says:

      I agree Sharla! We are sometimes stuck with what worked but things have changed – I think a balance is important because the past is not all bad and the future is not all good. I love the quote – learning never ends!


  5. Mandy says:

    I loved the first video. A great reminder for teachers that we are on a lifelong journey of learning and an excellent resource to show students with a focus on growth mindset.


  6. kemaenpaa says:

    I started a reply, but I ended up having more to say than I originally planned (oops!). So, rather than posting a lengthy response in here, I wrote a new blog post to share my thoughts:


    • Kim Figliomeni says:

      Katie – this is exactly what I hoped this connecting would do! I love the fact that you commented and wrote a blog post about it – sometimes we need to hear things in different ways at different times to be reminded of what’s important and how we can learn to change together

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