Day 6: Building Your Professional Learning Network (PLN)


Day 6: Building Your Professional Learning Network (PLN)

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Building a supportive Professional Learning Network is a critical component in continuing to grow as educators (OSSEMOOC Day 6). In my post yesterday, I talked about how I started developing my PLN by sharing my journey with Twitter.  It happened over years, and I went through a whole growth process where I felt excited, I felt overwhelmed, I felt connected, I felt guilty …

If you can learn from me, from my sharing, begin the process of building your PLN by building from where you are at – take the pressure off yourself if you are less connected then you like, and begin the journey to being connected celebrating each step you take, and not feeling guilty if you don’t have the time or you don’t understand it as well as others.  Some people tweet many times a day, others just “lurk” and watch the tweets whenever they have time, but might not post very often.

In building your PLN, start with people you know, “nurture” your network, and begin to connect – we are all on this journey together, and through the sharing, the reflecting, the creating, we build an open culture based on collaboration and competition, which can be used to accelerate innovation (#InnovatorsMindset, Ch. 11 Embracing an Open Culture)

Here are some of my lists and recommendations to building your PLN through Twitter:

Who would you recommend from your PLN?



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3 Responses to Day 6: Building Your Professional Learning Network (PLN)

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  2. John says:

    I agree with you 100%. We are on this journey together. Sometimes we need to explore and follow a bit to determine if “the follow” is something that cultivates our open learning stance. When “the follow” continues to allow you to open your eyes and mind then its a good follow – as an aside, I wish my mom was on twitter – her pearls of wisdom provides support during the self-reflective process.

    Gianna Helling @TCDSB@giannahelling
    Pope Francis @Pontifex
    M J Vasanelli @MJVasanelli
    Evelyn Giannopoulos @Ev_Giannopoulos


    • Kim Figliomeni says:

      Thanks for sharing John – although there is a whole connected world at our fingertips, sometimes our “home” connections are the ones that support us the most – balance.


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