Day 11: What Do We Need From Our PLN


Day 11: What Do We Need From Our Professional Learning Network (PLN) – Connecting with FlipBoard and/or Zite

flipboard2  flipboardflip

In our journey to be connected, we can’t possibly be experts in everything.  I do think, however, it is important to learn and know about the tools available so that you can use the things that work best for you and suit your needs and the needs of those you teach and work with.

In building our PLN, there are many resources and online tools that can help you be connected.  Flipboard is another tool, like Twitter and Pinterest that can be used to follow topics you care about and learn from.

As I was doing this post, I was playing with my Flipboard, but since I don’t really understand it yet, I searched for resources and found this:


Basically, Flipboard is an online, personal magazine mobile app that can be used to follow things you are interested in and let you catch up on news you care about and stories from around the world.  You can use FlipBoard on your phone, iPad, mobile device or computer to read about current cover stories, articles and resources that are available.  If you sign into your Twitter account, Facebook or other sites you follow in your Flipboard account, it will share new articles and stories from your other platforms and keep you updated on what your friends are sharing.


I have tried Flipboard, but I have not spent enough time on it to have it be one of my go-to resources.  In doing this post and learning as I go, this is a tool that I would like to learn more about.

Have you ever used Flipboard?




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3 Responses to Day 11: What Do We Need From Our PLN

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  2. John says:

    K…No I have not tried this app. I like to sit with someone to earn the practical use of these apps. I like the sounds of what the app can do for being connected.


    • Kim Figliomeni says:

      Sometimes sitting together and trying things is still the best. I have played with flipboard a little but I don’t know it well enough yet to use it regularly. Maybe we need a Connected Day to come together and try out what we are learning about


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