Day 12: A Deeper Look at ‘Curation’


Day 12: A Deeper Look at ‘Curation’ in Professional Practice


cu·ra·tion (kyəˈrāshən)
The subjective selection, categorization, and arrangement of content.

Basically, content curation is the process of sorting, arranging, and publishing information that already exists. When you take information that you find on the internet, and you make a pinterest board with that collected information, you are curating.  When you share information that you found on twitter, and you add your thoughts or ideas to it, you are curating.


Over the last few days, we have learned more about Twitter, Pinterest, Flipboard and building our PLNs through my blog and the OSSEMOOC blog.  We can easily  become overwhelmed with all the information available, but if you start small and spend a little time each day, you will be amazed at what you can learn.


How has your learning changed over the last few years?  How do you share what you learn from others?


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Principal ~ Digital Learner ~ wife of @hollywoodfilane ~ mother of 4 boys ~ life long learner ~ food fanatic ~ #LWT
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3 Responses to Day 12: A Deeper Look at ‘Curation’

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  2. John says:

    K…I can see how a person’s head can spin when presented with these multiple digi-connect apps. Sharing with others is vital. When I need the personal touch though, I like to pick up the phone and call my trusted friend. However, I see the value of digi-connecting with colleagues and experts.


    • Kim Figliomeni says:

      I am feeling like I am on information overload too. There is so much out there, but it is a balance between the personal touch and connecting with others, and doing it at a pace that it doesn’t become overwhelming. We will finish day 14 & 15 and then take a break until the New Year so we can absorb some of the stuff we are learning and not get overwhelmed so the learning is no longer fun


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