Day 14: Twitter as a Curation Tool


Day 14: Twitter as a Curation Tool

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On the journey to be connected, I have been following @OSSEMOOC’s 30 Days to Getting Connected, and I have been sharing my thinking and questions using my blog.  Being almost half way through (and also being on the countdown to Christmas), I realized this morning that sharing everyday was getting to be too much – maybe we needed to take a break to allow others to catch up, to spend some time reflecting on the learning we have done and to refocus in a few weeks to continue the journey.  Sometimes we need to go back before we can go forward.

I love using Twitter as a way to collect and share information for myself and others – when I retweet or share a resource, it is like I am bookmarking it so I can find it again.  Over the last few days, I have been learning about curating, I have come to realize that I don’t just want to collect resources, but I would like to curate them.

twitter curation

I need to push myself and a learner, and take that next step to sharing information – I need to find value in myself and create connections, share resources and put in perspective what I am learning and how it might help others learn.  Through my blog, I have come realize the importance of feedback from others, and I have come to value how important it is for others to share their thinking, challenge my thinking and push our thinking outside of the box.

I have connected with different educators and resources more purposefully in my journey to being connected, and it amazes me the connections that come together and overlap:


Twitter can be used for different purposes, but one that I need to spend some more time developing is following those who challenge and deepen my thinking, and taking risks in sharing my thinking and reflecting so that others can learn with me.

How can twitter be used to strengthen you PLN? How do you balance things so that you are able to not just collect, but to contribute to the PLN of others?




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3 Responses to Day 14: Twitter as a Curation Tool

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  2. Monica says:

    I have the same thinking about Twitter as you. You have completely captured how Twitter can be used for teaching and learning. I certainly want to use Twitter to share my learning with others but I feel overwhelmed with all of the information that comes my way. I cannot keep up! I am looking for an efficient tool or app that can help me sort ideas, blogs, links etc. That are being shared with me.


    • Kim Figliomeni says:

      As I have shared, I have gone through stages in my twitter learning. Something I have tried is making lists (to follow different interests), using Tweetdeck (a dashboard application for managing twitter accounts), turning on mobile notifications for people that I usually learn from (I get notifications on my lock screen of my iphone when certain people post so I know when to go to twitter), and just taking 5-10 mins here and there to go on twitter and read and share posts that I find value in and to try to share my own learning (with hashtags). If you keep following this 30 days, I’m hoping that we can share more things together to answer some of your questions. I have learned that there is so much out there, but you need to figure out what works for you. Day 11 talked about flipboard, and my blog has helped me organize and connect some of the things being shared.


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