Day 15: Commenting on Blogs


Day 15: Commenting on Blogs

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“The most important practice in becoming connected is dedicating time” (Donna Fry, OSSEMOOC)

We often ask our students to share their thinking and learning with others, but do we model this practice our self? I have come to learn that there are some fantastic, reflective and collaborative educators who share their thinking and learning with others through blogging – we just have to make the time and find the blogs.

I have tried a few strategies to follow blogs, but I must admit, I have not made the time to regularly read the blogs.  If you look to the right side of my blog, you will see that I share 20 blogs that I follow – if you find someone who supports, pushes or challenges your thinking, look to see who they follow to look for connections.

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On most blogs, you can sign up for to follow blogs through email so you can get notifications when a new post is made.  I had found that I was getting overwhelmed with all the email I received – and I was missing important emails so I “configured my inbox” for my gmail so that the Primary tab had my work emails, but my Updates and Promotions tabs had emails from blogs and sites that I subscribe to.

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Once you find blogs you want to follow then you need to make some time to follow them, and eventually, share some of your questions, comments, and thoughts on the blog for others to read.  By commenting on other people’s blogs, you are nurturing and encouraging others to keep sharing.  I love when I receive a comment or feedback on my blog and I ‘get’ how valuable feedback is to people, no matter how young or old.

In our 30 Days to Getting Connected, we are halfway through – we will take a break over the holidays so we don’t rush the learning, so others can catch up and so we can spend time ‘playing’ with what we have already learned.  I have learned so much by preparing these posts and commenting on feedback from others – looking forward to more in the new year.





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2 Responses to Day 15: Commenting on Blogs

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  2. NickiMC40 says:

    Merry Christmas Kim! I am “catching up” and enjoying the time to do so. I have spent the past days reading blogs that are in my gmail inbox and finding gems that I have then shared either through Twitter or direct email to principals whose work aligns with what I have read. Makes me think about learning being contextual and “just in time”. As a SOE, I also thought about how critical it is, and how fortunate I am, to be the School Effectiveness Lead as well, as I know the details of the School Learning Plans (small board which I know you can appreciate) and principal and leads growth plans and am thus able to respond with materials that might help. I really do try to share individually, so that the information is relevant to that particular person. It has also made me wonder about what “curating” really means….
    Love your work! Thanks for inspiring me!
    (ps…have to say that am frustrated this morning as I have replied to several posts and then struggled as my wordpress login doesnt seem to be working….and I know that it is correct….and thus have LOST the replies…arg!)


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