Day 18: Collaborating Online


Day 18: Collaborating Online

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Collaborating online has become something that has become very important to my learning.  Since I made the commitment to become a connected learner, I have interacted with so many amazing people – people who I would have never have had the opportunity to learn with had I not gone online.

One of my favorite online collaborations right now is The Innovator’s Mindset Book Club

innovatorsmindsetposter-2glj3jm Being a huge fan of George Couros and his blog, The Principal of Change, I ordered his book, The Innovator’s Mindset as soon as it was available. After reading the book, and loving the questions that George posed, I was very excited when a group of educators organized an online book club to dig more into the innovator’s mindset.  By collaborating online (using twitter #innovatorsmindset & @OSSEMOOC) and following along on the google hangout, I have been able to share my thoughts and learn from many others.


Through this online group and collaboration, I was introduced to Voxer, an app that I had downloaded but didn’t quite understand how to use.  Once I joined the Voxer group for Innovator’s Mindset, I entered into an online collaboration among some very amazing and passionate educators.  Although I didn’t feel like I had a lot to contribute yet, I have been listening and reflecting on many different aspects of education and innovative thinking.


Collaborating online is a tool that can connect you to people in your building, as well as people around the world, who are willing to share, challenge and work together for the benefit of us all.

How has collaborating online influenced you? What opportunities have you taken part in?


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