Day 19: Collaborating with Google Docs


Day 19: Collaborating with Google Docs

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A few years ago, our Board (Superior North Catholic) became a Google Apps for Education Board (GAFE). We started using Google Drive and Docs, and our Technology-Enabled Learning and Teaching Contact, Katie DiBiagio, had the vision that we should host the first ever Student Summit featuring Google.  SNCDSB became the first Board to host students, rather then teachers, to learn all about Google Apps and then become the teachers for others.


In October, 2014, we had 10 students from each of our 9 schools come to Holy Angels School to learn all about Google Apps, and these students went back to their schools and began to teach others.  Students started using Google Docs to collaborate together, to share with their teachers and to engage in their learning.  It was amazing to be a part of, and together we learned how Google Apps could be used. (Check out the link below to our school Facebook page, Holy Angels School, for pictures from the event)


In November, 2015, after purchasing Chrome Books for all our students from Grade 5-8, we hosted a second Student Summit for all our Gr. 5/6 students in the Board, thinking that we would empower our Junior Students to become the learners and leaders in using Google Apps.  Now our students regularly use Google Docs, Slides, Drawings and Forms – it’s amazing to see what they can do.  Students share documents with each other, as well as their teachers, and we can collaborate together.


In our PQP course, we used Google Docs to work together both during our face-to-face sessions, as well as our distance ed learning. It is a valuable tool in working together, asking for feedback and sharing resources.

  • How has collaborating with Google Docs changed your practices?
  • What benefits do you see in GAFE?


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