Day 20 – Using Google Drive for Collaboration


Day 20 – How Leaders Use Google Drive for Collaboration

google-drive  GoogleDriveIntegration

Since our Board uses Google Apps for Education (GAFE), we have incorporated Google Drive in it’s collaborative nature throughout our Board.  We have set up different groups:

  • SNCDSB Lead Learners for Principals and Senior Admin
  • Digital Learning Volunteers (for teachers from our 9 schools)
  • Faith Ambassadors (for those who help with our Catholicity)
  • HAS Teachers (for staff in our school)
  • Student Summit 1.0 & 2.0

In these folders in our drive, they are shared with those people who can collaborate with and use the resources and ideas shared to make things easier.  With Google Drive, you can access it on any device (computer, tablet, phone) so you always have access to your files and work.

We recently started a Math AQ course in our Board, so I created a shared folder for all learners and put in the initial information (modules, evaluations, resources) that might make it easier for others, and invited everyone to use it and add to it.  Instead of doing the work just for myself, I put it out there for others to access because I know that I  appreciate it when others do it for me.  We don’t need to start from scratch every time we do something – through collaboration and sharing together, we become much stronger then doing it all on our own.

I love collaborating, and I know that I learn best from modelling, examples and other people’s sharing.  Google Drive is a wonderful tool to use, and it’s features are straight forward and user friendly.

Students in our Board are also active Google Drive collaborators since we were fortunate to host not one, but two Student Summits featuring Google over the last 2 years. Students know how to use these tools and they are using them to engage in peer editing, conferencing and collaboration as we learn together.

In April 2016, we will have 40+educators from SNCDSB attend the TBCDSB Google Summit to continue our learning together – it is empowering to know that not only have we bought into GAFE, but we are also being supported in our learning together and our vision for the future includes empowering both students and educators to learn together, collaborate together and take risks in our learning as models for others – it is very promising and exciting knowing we are doing it together!

  • How have GAFE tools changed practices?
  • In what ways have you benefited from collaborating with others using Google Drive?

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